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Does the key takeover really work with an EVO-ONE or EVO-ALL on a Subaru Forester 2017 push-to-start?

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In March 2017, I was told by Fortin techs that key takeover was not supported with the push-to-start version of the 2017 Subaru Forester. After remote starting the car, opening any door would shut down the motor and it would have to be restarted as a security measure. I have decided to postpone my purchase of a remote started because of that.

When I check on Fortin's web site now and search my car model, there is a green checkmark in the table on the "key takeover" line, both for EVO-ONE and EVO-ALL.

Was there an upgrade that really makes it work or is this just a mistake in the database?

Thank you!
asked Jul 25, 2017 in Subaru by Jean-Simon Durand (160 points)

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Module needs to be able to detect an UNLOCK command from a remote (either the original remote or an RF-KIT) or takeover will not be available. That's the security feature. No unlock = module thinks it's a thief and shuts down the car.

  • US builds: If using 3xLock start, take over is not available since the OEM remote, once the car is started, is undetectable for the EVO.
  • Canadian builds: If using 3xLock start on a Canadian build, take over will be functional since the factory remotes are still able to be detected


If using an RF-KIT (aftermarket remotes), takeover will always work when unlocking the car with the aftermarket remote.


Was there an upgrade that really makes it work or is this just a mistake in the database?

The upgrade is more of a, there is some extra wiring required, similar to US based Toyota vehicles (they share similar technologies).


answered Jul 25, 2017 by Robert T (284,540 points)
Hi Robb,

Thanks for the answer. I just got the EVO-ONE installed on my Subaru Forester 2017 PTS (non-XT).

I am happy to see that takeover works and it does not shut down the motor when opening a door!

However, I have an aftermarket remote and also the EVO-Start Android app and I am a bit disapointed to see that the proximity sensors are disabled when using the remote starter. It disables unlocking the doors by putting your hand on the door handle and also disables unlocking with the OEM remote.

What are the chances that this will be fixed in a future update?

Should I just change ask Fortin Radio to put the system on the OEM remote with 3xLock instead? Would the EVO-Start Android app still work in that case?
Even in 3x lock configuration the exterior handle will not work. The vehicle is made this way.

Start the vehicle with the brake and push button, get out of the vehicle and try to use the exterior handle, you will see it does not work when the engine is running.

There is no ETA on a fix for this particular situation but will keep you updated if it does.