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EVO One only shows yellow light on ignition on, wont remote start

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I have a Nissan Xterra 2007, I purchased a EVO One with T-Harness and RF642W RF Kit.  I'm using install guide 33131 for EVO one.  I wired per instructions with A1,A2,A3,A8,A15 | E harnes by T-Harness, C3,C4, and D6,D4. D1 & D3 do not plug into anything and have been set aside.  Held down Bypass Prog Button when inserting 6-pin power plug.  I let LED cylce through once and waited for blue light and release bypass prog button and pluged in 20-pin, 6-pin bypass relay, 5-pin can bus, and 4-pin data link ant while the light stayed blue.  I insert key into ignition chamber and turn to ON.  Blue goes off then flashed blue.  I turn key to off.

Programming should be complete.  3X lock on OEM remote does not remote start.  I insert key into ignition and turn to ON and the EVO One lights up yellow.

I use the flashlink to update bypass to 72.27 and the remote start to 1.21.  In bypass I enable C1 & D2.  EVO still does the same thing when pluged into vehicle.  I try using programming button but holding it down for 1+ minute with no horn beep.  I suspect wiring was not correct.

I double checked and have CAN-high and CAN-low correct. A1 is on (+) ignition (Pink-E5). A2 & A3 are on wiring diagram pin 14 & 13 but on vehicle BCS/BCM manual terminal is 8 & 7.  A8 did not corispond with Wirecolor.com picture, image shows incorrect junction terminals for US version of Xterra.  voltmetered 4 different plugs and no luck.  According to vehicle BCS/BCM manual, driver door command is a Gray wire at M19 harness pin 47 next to 40-pin harness.

When locking and unlocking the EVO one does not light up.  I can't tell if OEM alarm is being set by Cars BCS/BCM or if it by the EVO One but the alarm does activate on door trip.

Remote Start Programming: 2.3 | 3 (1) | 4.1 | 6.3 | 7.1 | 8.2 | 9.1 | 11.1 &11.4 | 12.1 | 13.2 | 14.2 | 15.2 | 16.5 | 18.1 | 19.1| 20.1 | 21.1 | 24.1 | 25.1 | 26.1 | 29.1 | 30.1 | 31.1 | 32.3 | 33.1 | 34-OFF-OFF| 35.1 | 36.2 | 37.1 | 38.1 (38.3-Off) | 39.1

Bypass Programming: A1-A11 - ON | B1-OFF| C1-ON| D2-ON| D3-D6 -OFF

Unit Options : D.1 | D1.6 | H1 are enabled.

  I have master reset both side of EVO-One and started fresh with first paragraph and no luck, just same results. Any thoughts on where to look for the issue.  I can grab field mesurements if desired.
asked Jul 4, 2017 in Nissan by Josh Hunt (130 points)

1 Answer

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This vehicle is NOT 3x lock compatible. You will have to program the RF642W remote to the EVOONE and use those remote to start the vehicle.

To start with the RF642W remotes you need to hold the thirs button from the top for 3 seconds.

Also make sure you have cut the yellow loop on the side of the module for automatic transmission.
answered Jul 4, 2017 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (50,060 points)
The remote from the RF kit does not see the antanna.  I hold down third key unit remote's blue light flashed. After 6 seconds I get a red light and a beep from remote.  I've tried the lock and unlock function and I get a red light with a beep and no function from the EVO-One thru the RF remote.  The problem is that I can't enter into remote programming function, Ign-ON -> Press and Hold Prog button unti horn and Prk Lgt flas -> 5x prog button -> 1 brake press -> bottom remote button then lock button -> Ign off.

Pressing and Holding Prog button for 1+ minute and no lights or horn. I have tested the Prog Button to see if there is a break in the line but its clean.  I've tried jumpering the prog button to see if that would work and it won't horn or parking light flash.
The unit does not allow remote programming if it is armed. Which it may be. To disarm it, try going in and out of valet mode. (ignition On, then press the valet button 3x, then turn ignition off) The RED LED on the back of the module will turn on solid red once you are in valet mode. Repeat the steps to take it out of valet mode afterwards.


If it still fails to program, try this other method of remote programming. (also found in the latest update of the EVO-ONE quick guide here: http://in.fortin.ca/download/33021/rf642w-install-guide-33021.pdf )

1. Turn Ignition On-Off-On (not too fast)

-- The RED LED on the BACK of the module will turn ON, the antenna will also go solid blue

2. Press and Release the brake 4 times (once per second)

-- The antenna will start to blink blue

3. Press the [-] then the Lock button on each remote

4. Turn ignition off.


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