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2012 Tundra will not start, just continuously cranks over

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So I purchased a pre flashed EVO One with Toyota 2 harness and RFTX64-2W remotes, for my 2012 Tundra. I hooked up all the listed wires in the install, which I verified multiple times per your diagram. All my connections are soldered and covered using shrink wrap tubes. I have read through all your Q&As and still have had no luck with the remote start. After the Tundra continuously cranks over, the parking lights flash 4 times. Please help.
closed with the note: Wrong option set in evo.
asked Jun 27, 2017 in Toyota by Joshua Green (190 points)
closed Jun 27, 2017 by Derek

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Verify SIL data cut. If this is not done or done wrong the vehicle will only crank and not start.

Simple test unplug the connector for the SIL data and try remote starting the truck, if it starts you have found your issue.
answered Jun 27, 2017 by Derek (178,310 points)
selected Jun 27, 2017 by Derek
Iverified the SIL data cut. It is done per the instructions provided. I did the test by unplugging the connector and my Tundra still won't start. It continously cranks over but will not start.
If you place the key infront of the barrel (basically giving the vehicle the factory transponder) does the truck start?
I tried holding the key near the barrell and it still has the same result, just cranking. But I also tried putting the key in the ignition to the "ON" position while its attempting to start, it started right up. I turned the key off and pulled it out and the truck continued to run.
hhhmmm sounds like something is a miss...Probably easier if you give us a call so we can trouble shoot the issue live in the truck: 1-877-336-7797
Turned out to be a wrong option that was set by the person who sold Josh the module.

Set the option correctly and the truck fired right up!
I am the one who set it up!  Which option was incorrect???  (Sorry Joshua!)
When looking up the service number it appeared that 2.4 had been set but indeed was not. The way we figured this out was the car would remote start with the key in the ON position (meaning we have now powered the 2nd ignition that was missing). Used his RF kit to set option 2.4 and the vehicle remote started first try.
That sounds more like the firmware's fault than mine?  I did set 2.4 and saved the options...just like hundreds of other times.  It did clearly show that 2.4 was set...Is that  a common occurance???
Definitely not a firmware fault.

Not a common occurance either.

More than like just a small user error at some point be it during setting options/flashing/programming.
2011 Tundra, Same problem here with cranking. Solved by doing the firmware correctly.

I mistakenly assumed that when I selected the vehicle make/model/year that the correct defaults had been loaded for it.