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Using Drone app to lock/arm car and when using the OEM remote key fob to unlock alarm trigger when opening the door

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So I finally got the Evo-one/Drone to work with my 2005 Honda Pilot over the weekend. However while using the Evo-one/Drone app to lock/arm the car and when I use the OEM key remote fob to unlock while opening the door trigger the alarm. When the alarm is trigger can't use the OEM key remote to disarm, only Drone app that was use to arm the car will disarm it.

While I use the OEM key remote fob to lock/arm the car, I can use the Drone app to unlock/disarm the car and able to open the door without trigger the alarm.  Is there a setting in the EVO-ONE that I need to change in order for the alarm to turn off when I use the OEM remote to unlock/disarm the car when the Drone app is use first to lock/arm the car? Or is that not possible
asked Jun 1, 2017 in Honda by Jerry Thor (410 points)

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Yes! This is because OEM Remote monitoring is not a supported option on your specific vehicle.  

When pressing Lock or Unlock on the OEM remote, the EVO-ONE has no way to "SEE" it.

So basically only the DRONE will arm or disarm the EVO-ONE Alarm.

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answered Jun 1, 2017 by Charles Beauchamp (9,020 points)
selected Jun 1, 2017 by Robert T