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I'm installing a evo all with a Ultrastart remote start module on a 2009 sv6 there is no tan/white wire in c1 pin 37 at bcm. for data is there another spot to pick this up?. Also wire diagram does not show remote start module wiring?
in Pontiac by Charlie Moore (910 points)

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Most old style install guides do not cover remote starter connections, only bypass connections.


Data BCM is for keyless control and probably will not be required on the 2009 model.


Just a little note, your module is currently flashed to a Mazda CX-5 and has firmware 4.18 in it. You will need firmware 4.06 or 70.18 for the unit to program correctly and also a MASTER RESET is highly suggested since the unit i am assuming was used on another car.


by Robert T (274k points)
Hi Robb thanks for your quick responce. I did the master reset and flashed the module to the latest greatest. How ever when I try to start nothing happens and i get a starting disabled message on the dash. Any ideas?
Does it start with the EVO disconnected and the key in the barrel? (or upside down with the plastic near the barrel)
Also, how is the evo connected to the remote starter? wire to wire OR via datalink?


If wire to wire, did you cut the blue and white wires in the datalink connector? make sure the red led lights up before anything else in the vehicle when remote starting. if not, try grounding the Dark Blue wire in the 20 pin connector and remote start, if it starts this way, let us know for further steps.

if datalink, what is the default protocol of your remote starter? If it is D2D, then reflash the evo to firmware 0.60 and reprogram to vehicle.


please reply with results
With evo disconected and key in ignition it does start but quits on all three attempts. However it  does not start with key upside down near barrel. I've tried reflashing the evo with the 4.06 firmware to see if that helps. but it didn't.
The evo all is linked via data link to the ultra start remote starter .the default setting is for idatalink modules however it states to power up the system  with the fotin module conected to change the default setting which i did. The by pass does not seem to want to program it skips fom blue to red to yellow as soon as i turn the key on.tried it several times same result.
I had no success with the evo all, so I removed it  and installed a int-sl- pl. every thing works good now. Thanks for your help.
Charlie, glad you got it going! Not sure why datalink was griefing your previous setup.
If you ever come across something like this again, I would highly suggest NOT letting the remote start do it's autolearn datalink protocol selection. Force into whichever protocol by manually programming it.