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EVO-CAN's D2D problem

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There is 2008 BMW 523LI. Customer has Viper5704v, EVOCAN, int bmw2.
I config EVOCAN for D2D(F3) with newest firmware, other options are default.
 EVOCAN and 5704V linked by 4p data wire. All communication between them are down. I try trigger the purple of EVOCAN to GND, door is locked. That means EVOCAN communicates with Canbus well. But I press lock on remote, 5704's LED is on, but door not response. seems data is not forwared to evocan. or evocan reject them. Then I change to DLPK, everything works.


Here are two questions:

1. Anything else should I do to make D2D work between Viper5704v and EVO-CAN?

2. How about EVO-ALL? does it D2D to Viper5704v? I dont really like DLPK. It shutdown engine by pressing brake.
asked Apr 24, 2017 in BMW by stan hui (300 points)

1 Answer

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1. EVO-CAN will not work in D2D protocol.

2. EVO-ALL will do D2D.


Maybe this can help.

  • EVO-CAN: Fortin protocol ONLY
  • EVO-ALL: Fortin, OFA & D2D
  • INT-BMW2: Fortin ONLY
answered Apr 24, 2017 by Robb (228,250 points)
Cool. will try EVO ALL later on .

I tried Xpresskits DLPK. It says can take over vehicle without start the car again.

However it doesnt. Engine shutdown by brake.

1.Will EVO ALL take over the car?

2. After remote started, parking lights ON? (DLPK not,have to hard wire it)

EVO-ALL latest firmware.

Turn on Options F3 and C1


Take over will work as long as the INT-BMW receives the Unlock command from the remote starter remote or the OEM remote (make sure option C1 is turned on in the EVO-ALL). Make sure you wire the unlock from the remote starter to the INT-BMW2 since this part is NOT D2D.



edit: fixed typo

Thanks Robb.

You mention "Make sure you wire the unlock from the remote starter to the INT-BMW2"

which wire is it on INT BMW2?

Is it the white wire below? how come it is dash/grey line on manual...I didnot hook it up.

3804218978072250174" style="width: 600px; height: 377px;">

Yes that wire will need to be connected as this is the signal that the int bmw-2 will need to start the takeover timer.

All dotted lines (statuses and functions that you need) will need to be connected since this is not a datalink type install
Hi, Rico,

I am using DLPK now because it is difficult for us to order EVO ALL in China.

For INT BMW2, Beside the Yellow(Data) wire is not connected. the rest wires are connected. Include status and unlock. The unlock is connected to factory disarm(H2/4, GREEN/BLACK) of Viper5704v

But it still doesnt take over by user.
Hi, Robb

you said "Turn on Options F2 and C1". Is it F3 or F2?

on my software, F3 is D2D, F2 is AP/OFA Datalink.
F3 , my mistake


I tried EVO ALL just now. First, I config it as below


12307077872718216517" style="width: 484px; height: 975px;">


C1 and F3 are checked.

 Then make all connections. Programming to car is fine. because I put the purple to ground, door is locked. That means EVO-ALL is communicating with car already.

Then I use the T cable 4P heads. as below:

8805633228858772465" style="width: 600px; height: 432px;">


the white head is inserted into Viper5704V's D2D port.

However, it doesn't work. I can hear the 5704v recieve the commands, but data is not forwarded to EVO-ALL/EVO-CAN.


If I press factory remote, I can see the blue LED on EVO-ALL is flashing. That mean it recieves CANBUS datas fine.

Whatelse do I miss?



Beside this above, the INT-BMW2 can not takeover by user.

I connect the unlock wire from 5704 to white of INTBMW2. I lock the car, then remote start it, then unlock it, then get in the car and press brake, engine shutdown right away.


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