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Hi, I just installed EVO-NIST1 as per Installation Guide in my Nissan Altima 2012 (Push to Start - Auto transmission) for using my OEM Key Fob 3x to Remote Start , I plugged in all connectors and spliced 2 wires, the first one is the black/white from the EVO to the brown wire at the push button, the second wire is the parking light wire, it's the brown wire from the EVO going to the red/blue wire in the fuse box. I programmed the EVO and all lights appeared as expected, however, the car doesn't start remotely, i tried it with the key inside and still no luck, whenever i push the remote lock key i see a blue light on the EVO , the brake lights is off when trying to remote start , I plug the RL 1 to EVO , please tell me what I’m missing here

Firmware Vr.72-19

asked Mar 29, 2017 in Nissan by kayan dezaie (130 points)

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If you ground the dark blue wire on the 20 pin connector what light turns on on the evo module?
answered Mar 29, 2017 by Derek (178,310 points)
The Red Led
This means the module is not set up for 3x lock a.k.a. stand alone.

Connect the evo to the flash link updater and enable option C1 and D1 then save the options.

Plug it back into your vehicle and re test remote start.

Note: you dont need to re program the module when changing an option.
i dont have the flash link updater

can be done without flash link ?

thank u for your support
The only way to enable those options are using the flash link updater. That is why we list it as a required accessorie on the website.


You are welcome.