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2012 Toyota 4Runner LTD PTS wire color & location

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I am having a hard time identifying the correct plug/connector with wires to tap into, for an EVO-All installation. I suspect the information provided in WireColor is for other T4R models ( without Push to start[PTS]) because all pictures are from the passenger side , under glove compartment while the guides (29991 & 16221/12971)  are  pointing to driver's side ( kick panel/steering wheel/ECU  body). The wire colors don't seem to match actual wires... or it could be I can't ID the correct plug. 

It looks like I can't add pictures so I am including a link to a thread with actual  pics of this  car with plugs labeled....I am  hoping someone can help identify the correct plug for IGNITION 1 & 2, STARTER 1 & 2, ACCESSORIES 1& 2 , A10, A20,A14.

actual vehicle pictures

Note: I can provide better pics if needed.

Thanks in advance!

asked Feb 25, 2017 in Toyota by Lee R (290 points)

1 Answer

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If you are using EVOALL in a standalone configuration which means you are not using a seperate remote starter, you need to follow this installation guide :


And do not connect any wires that are not shown in this guide.
answered Feb 25, 2017 by Lee R (85,190 points)
I am actually trying to install Evo-All as alarm per guide 16221. Note: guide  16221 does not show C& D connections , I need to look at 29991 for wiring.   However, I still need ignition wire for both setups  and starter for alarm mode. Could you confirm wire plugs and color using pics at link provided?

You need to be specific, are you using the evo-all ONLY as an alarm system and not for remote starting?


If so, then then only wires that you would've needed is the 12v, ground, ignition, and CanH and CanL and Horn(output shown on 16221 guide)

Connector C has to be connected, this his how we communicate with the vehicle for statuses like doorpins and doorlock control.

D connector is not needed if you are not using the evo as a standalone remote starter.

Same thing for the RX and TX connections.

See photo for location of IGN wire on steering lock connectorign530571512571839003" style="width: 350px; height: 214px;">


Sorry, that's an important detail!  I plan on using Evo-All as an alarm and remote start. The only reason I am considering enabling the ALARM featureson Evo-All is to be able to add a shock sensor and glass break sensor.  From guide 16221 page 13 , it looks like I will need to install a relay for disabling the starter. The location of the starter wire is needed for this setup.

Thanks for including the picture that realy helps! For some reason the only way to read the comments was to download the image and zoom in ( no zooming on the site) .

It looks like my access to wirecolor diagrams has expired, but that info didn't seem to apply to my car anyway.

Thanks again!
Then all wires shown in the guide for standalone need to be connected if you are going to use the evo in standalone and alarm mode.

PTS vehicles do not have a "starter" wire near the steering column that can be cut and used for "starter-kill" purposes.

Newer vehicles, with pts normally do not need a starter kill since without the oem keyfob the vehicle will never start.

There are other wires that can be cut, but really redundant at this point.
Thanks for taking the time to reply! Your explanation ( there is no need for a starter disable switch/relay on vehicles with PTS)  does make sense and it would help being added to installation guide. :)

I can confirm wire color for pin 2 ( from left, with plug connected) = White and pin 4 ( from left, with plug connected)  - Lt.Blue . Plug info: black 7-pin connector under steering wheel.

Would you please look at diagram posted today at link included in initial post/question? I have put togeter ( Google research) a diagram of connectors and wire colors for this car and I am hoping you can confirm it is correct or send corrections. It would help being able to include images in these Q&A-s :)

If you need pics to include in your documentation , I can send you the original photos.

Thanks again!
We do not need any of the other wires you identified to be able to remote start this vehicle, all necessary connections are identified on the evo-all installation guide for your vehicle. we only need the RX,TX CAN H and L, 12V, Ground, Ignition and the Steering Lock wire. (parking lights are shown but not needed for remote starting)


Thank you,

Evo-All is installed and configured as Remote Start and Alarm.( FYI-I've updated the forum pics. ) Added Shock sensor on Purple/White (A3-Dual Stage Trigger) wire and a Glass Sensor on the Purple ( A2-External Trigger).

I am considering a tilt sensor and found DEI 507M.

1-how do I connect it to Evo-All? I suspect I will use the same wire I used for the  [A2/Purple = External Trigger (-)  ... but wanted to make sure I just tap into the same wire

2- The DEI 507M requires a "ground-when-armed" wire ( https://www.falcon.ro/files/home/01.Securitate_si_confort_auto/03.Module_optionale_securitate/Directed507M/Directed507M_manual_EN.pdf ) wondering what wire would that be on EvoAll?

Having a diagram showing the purpose for each wire on Evo-All , comes handy sometimes ( like now :)  ) Can you point me to such diagram?