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2016 Chevy Cruze Flip Key - Sevice Theft Deterent System

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When trying to program Fortin with GMT-1 harness unit I get a "Service theft deturent system" message on dash displace as soon as I turn the key to run. I uninstalled everything and reflashed unit with newest software and set to Lock-Unlock-Lock reinstalled and same message. Car wont start with factory key with harness installed. please help
asked Feb 23, 2017 in Chevrolet by Jeremy Day (210 points)

1 Answer

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Make sure the red connector from the t-harness is properly inserted in the EVO module. Also make sure you did not connect the brown wire sticking out of the t-harness to the canbus, you must use the brown wire on the 5 pin connector.
answered Feb 23, 2017 by Jeremy Day (85,190 points)
okay harness out of the car

(3 pin connector to 3 pin connector)
pin 1 Male black to Female black - Continuity ok

pin 2 Male blue/black to Female Blue/Blak - continuity ok

pin 3 male white/red to female white green - continuity fail

3 pin to 6 pin
3pin male, pin 3 white/red is continuity with red 6 pin connector pin 6

3 pin female pin 3 white/green is continuity with red 6 pin connector pin 4
Now plug in the red 6 pin connector to the evo unit and retest "male white-red" and "female white-green" for continuity.

the red connector is the relay connector, we open up a wire during remote starting which is the 12v power to the 3 pin immo connector.

When the evo is not activated, this cut is normally connected by the built in relay of the evo (red connector)

So in theory, with the t-harness connected and only the red connector connected to the evo-all the vehicle should start normally with the key.
so im assuming this is a normally closed relay that without power should test good for continuity?
Okay I have continuity there. Im going to try and reinstall it a third time. It just hangs up at the yellow light blinking 10x it just stays solid doing normal install method. I can always try dycriptor method and see if it works but I was never getting the red led flashing. Now when plugging it in one set of directions says to plug in the black 4 pin while holding the power but the install for without the t-harnes says to install the 20 pin connector first. what should I try?

so im assuming this is a normally closed relay that without power should test good for continuity?



I would try the dcryptor programming, it will check if all connections are good without the chance that the vehicle is locked against new key programming.


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