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My FTX64-2W remote LED is not lighting up normally

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My FTX64-2W remote LED is not lighting up normally.   When I press the remote start command, the engine runs but the remote LED shows one short burst of one green and one blue with no green blinks afterwards.  Normaly, I would see 2 burst of green LED blinks indicating the engine has started and intermittent green blinks showing that the engine is running.  Also when I disable the engine start, I get one short burst of one red and one blue blinks instead of two red blinks.

I'm trying to figure out if the battery is dying and want to replace it.  I got the remotes about three months ago.  It seems to be to soon for the battery to be dead.  How long should the battery last?  I noticed through FAQ that the replacement battery should be 2025.  How do you open the remote?  I'm able to remove the two screws for the chrome part.  How do you separate the black plastic housing?  I wish not to force it apart.  Is there a special way to separate the remote?

Any help is much appreciated
asked Feb 14, 2017 in Remote Starters by Andrew Kim (300 points)
edited Feb 15, 2017 by Andrew Kim

1 Answer

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Battery life will depend on usage. Normal use can expect at least one year of battery life.

Both side of the case are clipped together. Seperate them from the bottom and yes a little force might be needed.
answered Feb 15, 2017 by Andrew Kim (85,110 points)