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2012 Nissan Pathfinder

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So after fighting with this install for the past 3 days off and on I finally figured out what was wrong with the install.

After wiring everything up and programming the EVO-ALL to the vehicle the vehicle would not consistently start.  Sometimes it would work great, the next it would start for 1 second and then shut off.  Initially I tried the GWR wire to see if it was somehow not working, it was fine.  Next I tried hard wiring (no D2D) to see if that was the problem.  It was.... sort of.  You see the EVO-ALL for whatever reason was NOT outputting Tach (even in wire to wire) but was outputting Brake.  Tried 4 different modules and all had the same issue.  Tried various firmwares as well.  Same problem.

Ultimately I ended up using the EVO-ALL to controll the Transponder bypass & doorlock only.  All other features were useless and had to be wired directly to the vehicle.

So, there is no question.  Just a statement.
asked Dec 30, 2013 in Nissan by tjamz (300 points)
reopened Jan 7, 2014 by Charles Beauchamp

1 Answer

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Thanks for sharing.


Have a nice day
answered Jan 7, 2014 by Charles Beauchamp (9,020 points)


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