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d1 inactive in flashlink manager

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when checking evo-all status it shows d1 option active but off. upon going to options on flashlink manager d1 shows as inactive and does not allow the option to be changed from off to on. how can i fix this.
closed with the note: Solved issue
asked Jan 28, 2017 in Ford by John Kosko (290 points)
closed Jan 30, 2017 by John Kosko

1 Answer

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Before you change this option select the brand your car and model
answered Jan 28, 2017 by saif sabri (240 points)
the evo-all has already been set to my vehicle. i have tried changing the vehicle again to 2016 ford f150 and the d1 option is still inactive
i also noticed options f1 f2 and f3 are also inactive on the flashlink manager