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Can't program the bypass for 07 Rav4

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Using a key-override-all module. All wires spliced accordingly; however, when I attempt to program, the LED simply stays red after connecting the harnesses. Have tried several times to program and still no change.

When I attempt to start remotely, all dash lights turn on and a clicking can be heard, and then the dash turns back off. Can't figure out where I'm gogin wrong as all wires are setup the way the diagram shows.

Thank you...
asked Dec 29, 2013 in Toyota by D N (140 points)

2 Answers

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Are you using the grey valet key to program the module? If so try using the original black key. Use our online troubleshooting guide to narrow down the possible cause. Go to vehicle selection and use the troubleshooting guide for the vehicle and go through the different steps the guide suggests. It will help you narrow things down.
answered Jan 6, 2014 by D N (8,270 points)
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Hi D N,

Which installation guide number have you used, and in that guide which Connection number have you follow ?

Are you sure that there is a transponder on that vehicle ?

Can i have your Bypass Module service number please ?


Thank you
answered Jan 6, 2014 by Charles Beauchamp (8,800 points)