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Is the Driver door pin connection required for 2008 Escape

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Installed Standalone.  Did not make the Driver door pin connection.  At end of programming sequence the ignition does not turn on while holding the programming button.  I can hear the fuel pump activing but no igntiion.  Is this a programming problem or is the door pin connection required ?
asked Jan 21, 2017 in Ford by Joseph Krejci (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
door pin connection is used for shutting off the radio after remote start shutdown.

are you using a t-harness? double check connections for Ignition/keysense and accessory
answered Jan 21, 2017 by Ultra Auto Sound (4,920 points)
Yes, using a t-harness.  Checked connection on 4 plugs.  3 connections good between 20 pin and harness.   Also verified can hi & low connection.  All good.  I am using the program sequence in Guide 32171.  Is it possible a different programming guide should be used.


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