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Compustar T11 Pro abnormalities

+2 votes
This isnt a question. This is meant as a tool for anyone who experienced the same problems as myself with no real correct answers to be found online. I recently installled and had issues with using the compustar t11 pro rf kit with my evo-one.

When using the valet switch and RF remote to program functions and options the following button mapping is correct:

Lock: 1

unlock: 2

start: 3

trunk: 4


Also when I orginally purchased the T11 pro the two-way remote that came with the kit did not function correctly, which Compustar quickly remedied. However when programming the new remotes(2wt11r-ss, 1wg8r-ss) to the evo-one with the newest firmware installed I had to press the trunk button on both remotes w/ a 2.5 second hold to get them to register with the evo-one.


All the strange button mapping aside. Lock/Unlock/remote start/etc, two-way functions, and vehicle temperature reading on the remote all function normally.
asked Jan 6, 2017 in FAQ by Matthew Scott (650 points)
edited Feb 6, 2017 by Matthew Scott

2 Answers

+1 vote
Thank you for the information Matthew it is greatly appreciated!
answered Jan 6, 2017 by Derek (151,600 points)
0 votes
Thanks also from me, I am looking for info on using the T11 and Evo One and found your post via a web search. You answered the temperature question I had. Does the remote also show the vehicle's voltage as well?
answered Aug 20, 2018 by Paul Caraccount (340 points)


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