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2012 Ford Fusion Quesions

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I have several questions regarding the  Fortin EVO-FORT1:

  • Is the Fortin EVO-FORT1 compatible with 2012 Ford Fusion HYBRID?  I ask because I don't see the Hybrid option listed for 2012 on the Fortin web site product selection lists.
  • CAN High/Low Taps -- Can these connections be made with T-Taps or must they only be wrapped and taped or soldered?
  • Driver Door Pin -- Is is pin 9 as listed in the install guide or 14 as listed in another quesion asked in this forum?
  • Parking Light -- Is this connection required?  If so, can the incoming 12V to relay pins 86 and 87 be fused at 10A rather than from relay pin 30 to the parking light wire?
  • Options -- I have the following options enabled.  Are they correct/am I missing anything?
    • A1-A11 enabled EXCEPT A5 as listed in the installation guide
    • B1 enabled
    • C1 enabled
    • D1+D1.6 enabled
    • D4 enabled
    • D5 enabled

Thank you for the help!


asked Jan 5, 2017 in Ford by shigadeyo (210 points)

1 Answer

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EVO-FORT1 will work fine on the HYBRID model of the Fusion.

T-taps. No ttaps unless you want to redo your installation everytime you hit a bump. Wrong size t-tap will either split the wire itself in half or if its too big, won't even cut through wire shielding.

The driver door pin i personally just grab in the driver kick panel. Just need to find the wire and test it before connecting anything.

Parking lights is optional. The fuse can be on the 12V line in instead of the pin 30.

Turn OFF B1. Don't need it on a 3xlock start install.

Turn OFF D5. Don't need it.
answered Jan 7, 2017 by Robert T (284,540 points)

Thank you for the help.  Sorry, I missed this post earlier.  However, I did use it today when I did the installation finally.  It seemst to be in and working, but I do have some follow up questions as I am not sure of the expected behavior as my other Fortin remote start experience has been with a push-to-start Murano.  Below is the current status:

  • Yellow, Light Blue, and Light Blue/Black wires are soldered to the matching wires in the harness; Yellow/Black wire is not used per guide.
  • The two ignition connectors plugs are connected.
  • The two CAN wires are connected using poke and wrap method; verified correct and working using the information posted HERE.
  • Driver door pin and parking lights are NOT connected.  A message from Fortin support stated that neither were necesary for remote start. Also, the information in the PDF doesn't seem to match what I see in the car (guide says 26-pin connector, car has 22-pin so the correct wire is not really clear).  What is this connection actually used for/what does it do?
  • The following options are ENABLED:
  • A1-A11 (EXCEPT A5 as listed in the installation guide)
  • C1
  • D1+D1.6
  • D2 -- first remote start attempt set off the alarm, so i enabled this to resolve that issue, see below
  • D3 -- see why below
  • D4

Current Status -- Hitting lock 3X will start the car, disable the alarm, and lock the doors.  I can unlock the door and get in.  However, the car doesn't recognize a valid key (none inserted) and the car will turn off if the brake is pressed.  If the key is inserted and turned on with the brake is pressed, then the car is dumb and will coast if put into gear.  Therefore, I enabled D3 so that the car will turned off when the driver door is opened so when the brake is pressed and key inserted and turned on, all is well.  How is this SUPPOSED to work with remote start when the car expects a key?

Hybrid Question -- Another question is about the hybrid.  D4 is enabled, but I'm not really sure what that does/means.  The remote start "starts" the car meaing that it turns on in electric mode and the blower blows air.  However, how does that work for heat?  In testing today, we had the internal temp set to 83 and the outside temp was 60.  The remote start had the blower running and air blowing, but no heat.  It seems like the actual engine needs to fire up for heat, but how does that work with EVO since the engine typically won't start up until the battery is low or the car exceeds 20-25 mph or something?

Thanks for the help!