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EVO ONE with Sienna Push to Start - D6 Option won't save

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I have an EVO ONE with the latest flash update for both the bypass and remote start module. Will be installing in a 2016 Toyota Sienna with the push button start option.

The install guide specifies the D6 PTS option, however when selecting that option and trying to save with the flashupdater app, I get the error message "this device does not support that option" and the EVE ONE disconnects.

Is that D6 option not required on the '16 Sienna.  Thanks.
asked Jan 3, 2017 in Toyota by Simon Lloyd (130 points)

1 Answer

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I had the same problem this weekend on my qx56. What I had to do was disconnect everything and reboot the computer and hook everything back up after opening the the Fortin page,
answered Jan 3, 2017 by Marvin Redmond (150 points)