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EVO-ALL - "Died" after flashing/programming - No LEDs/No Longer Connects

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EVO-ALL - "Died" after flashing/programming - No LEDs/No Longer Connects

Updated a brand new EVO-ALL that came as part of a EVO-FORT1 kit to install into a 2015 Ford F250 pickup.  After flashing and setting options/saving I connected it to the truck to program and no LEDs came on.  Tried connecting back up to the updater, but it will not connect.  Tried holding the programming button to do the normal reset but it shows no sign of life - Checked the connection pins and all seems fine.  I grabbed another EVO-ALL I had on hand and proceeded to flash and program that unit without any issues.  Could this be a bad unit that just suddenly died?  I've never seen this happen.
asked Jan 2, 2017 in Ford by Chad Cyr (940 points)
recategorized Jan 4, 2017 by Chad Cyr

1 Answer

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I would make sure the 4 pin data link connector is flush with the case.

Does it power up if plugged into a vehicle?
answered Jan 4, 2017 by Derek (180,040 points)
Yes, the pins are good - it was the first thing I checked as I have had that happen before where the pins can get pushed in if the connector doesn't align just right.

No, it does not power up on a vehicle nor on a my programmer.

It is strange because I connected and flashed the unit before connecting it to the truck.  Once I connected it while holding down the button, the LEDs were cycling like usual.  However, I realized I forgot to enable Fortin2 for the RF kit and disconnected it before proceeding with the rest of the programming and reconnected it to the PC to turn the RF kit option on and saving it.  Once saved, I unplugged it and brougnt it back out to the truck.  I connected the 4-pin while holding the button - no LEDs at all.  I was puzzled.  Tried it again.. .same result.  Tried the bypass reset, but the red LED doesn't come on all not matter what I tried.  Reconnected it to the PC and it doesn't connect and isn't detected.  I grabbed another EVO-ONE in my stock, flashed and programmed it without issue.  I tried it again on my updater a few days later and on a Dodge truck I had here - no change - does not power up from what I can tell.  Makes me nervous to have one "die" like that - I'll be sure to bring spares with me if I do an install at a customer ****.
Ya that is definitely a one off case.

Personally never heard of this happening but i suppose anything is possible.

Simply contact your distributor I'm sure he can swap that out for ya!