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USDM 2013xB Canbus Door lock control?

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I recently got my evo one today, and installed it after some back and forth with the firmware and the updates. It starts using the lock-unlock-lock feature (did this so that the alarm is in a disarmed state when the engine starts, so no need to splice into key sensewink)  However, when I start the car using the remote, nothing happens when i go to try and unlock the doors using the remote. I know that the car ignores the remote with the engine started, and I can see that the evo one is recieving the lock and unlock commands from the vehicle(can see blue light blinking with each key press ) but I'm unsure if the doors are supposed to unlock with from the can hi and can lo connections, or do i have to splice into the door lock and unlock wires in order for the  door to unlock? 

asked Dec 30, 2016 in Scion by therealdede (320 points)

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by changing it back to 3x lock to activate the remote starter, and enabling option 6.2 (unlock before start, lock after start) the car will respond to the remote with the engine started.
answered Mar 15, 2017 by therealdede (320 points)
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Scion XB with TPMS monitoring may need to have the ignition input of the tpms module interrupted during remote start.

This is an assumption since Scion/Toyota share the same platform, and on US versions of toyota, the ignition interupt at the tpms module needs to be done for the oem remotes to stay functional.
answered Jan 5, 2017 by Robb (208,540 points)
tpms data and door lock data use the same network. When the vehicle is running, the tpms takes over and cancels out door locks.


Quick little test would be to disconnect the tpms module then remote start and see if door locks work.
I wasn't able to find where to interupt the TPMS, or to find the tpms, but an interesting note, when i activate idle mode, activating the remote starter with the engine already running results in the doors unlocking, and the vehicle responding to the remote, locking and unlocking the doors with the engine running and even arming the alarm.  I have a theory it has something to do with the timing of how the evo one acitvates the ignition relays when idle mode is activated, because i can hear 2 distinct clicks from the evo, activating the 2 ignition circuits a short time apart from each other.

If an engineer or someone from Fortin can chime in and maybe we can talk about some sort of workaround so i can avoid further cutting and splicing into the vehicle wiring, that would be awesome.
Both ignition are timed together, the two clicks you hear is the time between accessory and ignition. TPMS module is located in rear left fender on the XB, can you try disconnecting it and see if doorlocks will operate when engine is running ?
What I'm trying to figure out is how can i work around the TPMS and get it into this weird half-state where the engine is running and the car responds to the remote. something must be getting controlled over canbus, because as soon as i activate the remote starter, the doors unlock, then i hear the relays in the evo one click.

What I want to know is why the doors unlock, before the ignition is activated by the remote starter? it seems like the vehicle is being controlled over canbus somehow, which is what i want to happen with the door locks. i want to be able to lock and unlock the doors with the OEM remote, preferably without having to splice into the door unlock switch wires in the kick panel.
I was able to locate the TPMS, and unplugged it as suggested, the door locks still do not work.
Easiest test would be to turn on option D2. then remote start the vehicle. if idle mode lets you use the doorlock system it would almost seem like doing lock unlock lock, the last lock press still puts the vehicle in a Locked/Armed state.

Having D2 on, even if you press lock unlock lock, the vehicle will unlock again just before powering up the ignitions therefore eliminating any chance the vehicle's oem alarm system to re-arm.