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Dual EVO-ALL modules and external RS - 2015 Toyota 4Runner Ltd w/PTS

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I'm looking to gather some information regarding for an installation into a 2015 Toyota 4Runner Limited w/PTS.

Since the EVO-ALL, when used for remote start with take over can only be used with an external remote starter module, it seems all of it's CAN-BUS functions must be disabled, and it is restricted to bypassing the IMI/IMO authentication of the vehicle. As a result, none of the monitoring options such as in standalone mode, or external RS mode w/out takeover are available.

Can I wire a second EVO-ALL unit to my R/S (Viper 5706v) in external R/S mode w/out takeover to function as the interface between the CAN-BUS system and the R/S? This bypass would have the immobilizer functions disabled of course, since the first module would be handling that function.

Visually represented, it would be:

VIPER 5706V ----(directwired)----- EVO-ALL #1 in external R/S w/takeover for PTS


----------------------(d2d)----------------EVO-ALL #2 in external R/S WITHOUT takeover


The reasoning for this is to maintain the following:

1. Remote start with 1 mile range with full takeover capabilities

2. Interface with smartkey system to unlock doors, disarm, etc.


Thanks for any answers you can provide.
asked Dec 29, 2016 in Toyota by Jakub Fidler (130 points)

1 Answer

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No this will not work. Both installation method starts the vehicle in two completly different ways and they can not work both at the same time.
answered Dec 30, 2016 by Jakub Fidler (85,190 points)
OK, I think I may need to clarify more. The Viper r/s with the first bypass module setup in external remote starter with takeover would do the actual starting. What I want is the for the second evo-all to interface with the can-bus system, and feed the door, trunk input trigger and other outputs thru d2d to the Viper unit, but not actually do anything remote starter related. Essentially it would only serve as a digital interface to the vehicles BCM, but without the remote start functions being used. I know I would have to manually wire those to the Viper. Is it possible to use the Evo-all in an alarm only capacity, where it feeds info thru d2d to the external remote starter?
Ok sorry I misunderstood your first post.

Yes should work but would be much more simple to hardwire the EVOALL for remote start and use D2D for the one with the alarm functions.
Thanks for the reply, that's how I was planning on doing it. The bypass Evo-all would be hardwired, the alarm Evo-all would be connected thru d2d. Any idea what the settings are to disable the starter functions on the Evo-all?