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service number difference for 2014 toyota camry se g key with toy2 harness

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The service number on my unit says 002b07139948 and in flash link it says 002b02139948, can  the hardware difference between 2 and 7 prevent the programming of a crimestopper revo1. or is this a typo on the sticker?

I just cant get a response from axone , it is set on fortin2,  2.4 protocol.  cant  get red flashes at step 5 of rf programming.? any ideas?
asked Dec 27, 2016 in Toyota by Kelly Bochniak (340 points)

1 Answer

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This is normal 002B07 is the starter portion. 002B02 is the bypass portion.

Here's the procedure to program your remote.

answered Dec 28, 2016 by Kelly Bochniak (85,190 points)
yes tried that proceedure a dozen times. its not working. any other ideas???
I finally got it to work. I talked to crimestopper and they said to lower the remote starter firmware down to 1.16, It  programmed no problem.  Everything works except the oem key fob is disabled in remote start, in other words the lock and unlock buttons ,nothing . I have to use the key to open the vehicle. Any ideas why this is happening,? when not in remote start the fob works fine.