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'12 Passat TDI with push to start still shuts off when door opened, Evo-all

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When I remote start my push to start 12 Passat TDI using the remote 3x lock or the Evo-start it still shuts off when I open open the door. It does not stop right away like the factory autostart but within 3 seconds of opening the door. I have option D3 turned off. This is a minor annoyance but would like it to remain running. I am using Evo-atart with TB-VW and Thar-VW!.


asked Dec 21, 2016 in Volkswagen by Steve Thomas (190 points)
edited Dec 21, 2016 by Steve Thomas

1 Answer

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When you unlock the vehicle with either the OEM remote or the evo start after it being remote started does the blue led on the evo-all flash?

If so how many times?
answered Dec 21, 2016 by Derek (228,160 points)
The Oem remote does not work at all after I start it using 3x lock or when started by evo-start.. The oem remtote is completely locked out while running on the evo-all. When I open the door by the proximity sensor and touching the door handle no lights flash on the evo-all. When started the red and yellow lights are on. When it shuts off the red light flashes twice, the yellow stays on and the car shuts off. If I touch the door handle to unlock the car but do not open the door it stays running. Also the trunk will not open with the proximity sensor and handle but it does open when running using the factory start.


The Evo-start will unlock the doors and the car will stay running. It also will unlock the trunk. The blue LED flashes once when the evo start unlocks the doors.
That's your issue right there.

It needs to detect the unlock signal from the remote (evo-start/OEM remote) in order for takeover to function which makes sense that it works with evo-start but not with proximity.

The proximity feature will not function for takeover.

It does not seem right however that the oem remote does not function once the car is running....Can you confirm that option C1 is enabled?
C1 is enabled. I don't use my oem remotes. I only walk up to the car and touch the handle to get in. The remote remains in my pocket. The door unlocks as it should but when I open the door the car stops. The trunk will not open at all by proximity when started using evo all or evo start but it does work when started with the oem starter. What if I disable A9? Maybe I should try to disable C1?
No you definitely want C1 on. Using the proximity feature is why the car shuts down. The evo cannot detect the unlock from the proximity handle. If the evo does not get an unlock signal it will shut the car down for safety reasons.

If you press unlock on the oem remote does the blue led on the evo flash? If so how many times?

we already know it works with the evo-start app correct?
Yes all works fine with the Evo start app. The oem remote does nothing. No flash on any button press when started with evo all or evo start. I don't have any other aftermarket remotes only oem.


I think  I read somewhere that when the evo start is used the oem remotes are disabled but I cant find it again..
No one can tell me why my oem remotes do not function and why my proximity for my trunk does not work when started using evo-all or evo-start?