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Trouble Programming and Starting

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Programming for a 2008 Ford Escape. I have a EVO-FORT1 and have gone through the wiring and programming instructions. When I press the button, it illuminates the instrument panel fine, but does not start. I have the CAN High and Low installed to the OBD connector correctly. I have the yellow lead from the harness crimped to the yellow lead from the 20 pin white connector. I believe this is all the is required to be wired for it to be used as a remote starter. Can you help?
asked Dec 19, 2016 in Ford by Robert Seymour (160 points)

2 Answers

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When the ignition come on, does the lock sign in the cluster (bottom left) flash rapidly?
answered Dec 19, 2016 by Robert Seymour (85,190 points)
It DOES FLASH in the lower left corner. I know for different vehicles, the programming is different as well. I was following pushing the button in, inserting the data (black) connection, releasing the button when I saw just a red light on the EVO-ALL, the plugging the rest of the connections in - then I turned the first key to on, waited 3 seconds, turned off, then did the same for the second key as well. Once that was done, I pushed the button to start the vehicle. This is when the vehicle instrument panel lights up, but no ignition.
You have to push the programing button for 1 second AFTER you press the start button on your remote starter.

The vehicle will not start during programming this is normal.
I am confused. I am using the EVO-ALL with no additional starter. I am following the procedure as outlined in document guide 32171 Stand Alone & T-Harness Ford 40 bits.

It states the following procedure for programming:

Press and hold programming button and connect data-link harness. release when solid red.

Insert the required remaining connections.

Turn the first functional key to on/run. wait 3 seconds. turn to off.

Turn the second functional key to on/run. wait 3 seconds. remove key.

Within 5 seconds, press and hold the programming button until you hear the vehicle ignition turn on. THIS IS WHERE THE FLASHING LOCK APPEARS.

Release the programming button.

Where in this process do I push the programming button for 1 second?
Sorry I thought you had a seperate starter.

When you press the programming button and the ignition turns on, does the red led on the module flash 10 times, followed by 10 blue flash and then turns off the ignition ? It is normal at this step that the engine doesnt run.
It does not follow that pattern. It just stays solid red while lighting up the ignition but never turning over the engine and then staying solid red.

Also, is the Driver Door Pin connection REQUIRED? This is the connection using the green/white and green/red wires on the 20 pin white connector...
Anything more on this?
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driver door pin is only for functionality. 

Programming revolves around the :

  • Light blue wire from the 20pin connector
  • light blue/black wire from the 20pin connector
  • can high wire from the 5pin connector
  • can low wire from the 5pin connector
  • yellow wire on 20-pin


To know if your CAN-BUS is ok do the following:

  1. Hold programming button in, plug in 4-pin black connector, release on blue
  2. Plug in  remaining connectors
  3. Turn ignition On
  4. Check blue LED it should be flashing
  5. turn ignition OFF

The above will confirm Can-Bus connections and ignition is OK as long as the blue LED starts to flash.


Next, is Rx and Tx for the immobilizer bypass. Common issue is that everyone does not do the required connections for the light blue and light blue/black wires. Are they connected too anything?

answered Dec 21, 2016 by Robert T (279,390 points)
Yes they are. No question at this point is silly...

Right now It's sounding as if the brake status is not available on the Can-Bus. Which can be possible but extremely rare on Ford . Unless there's already an existing fault on the vehicle; ie: the wire that goes from the brake switch to the 4-5 different modules in the car is broken somewhere, this is possible.


Simple possible solution 1:

  • Disconnect the battery 5-10 minutes then reconnect.
  • Try it out.

Simple possible solution 2:

  • Reprogram the module


Possible solution 3:

The only way around this then would be to wire the vehicles (+) brake status signal at the brake switch to the (-) hood shut down wire on the EVO (pin A8).

Note that the vehicle signal is (+) while the EVO input is (-). The (+) brake status would need to be converted to a (-) signal using a relay. Similar to this: How to Convert a Positive signal to Negative


Hard Fix:

Find the brake status at the smart junction box and test that the signal makes it there from when applying the brake. Connector C2280B at the Smart Junction Box, Pin 40 Purple/White wire.



Those are pretty much the only solutions left if brake shut down is not working.

Thanks Robert. I will give it a shot tomorrow and let you know.
It’s been a while from the last posting but what was done to remedy your problem?  I have the same vehicle with the same problems. Also looking to add the rf kit and having issues with it as well.
I had the same issue while installing the EVO-ONE and the Crimestopper Teleconnect telematics module on my daughter's 2008 Ford Fusion.  It appears that the foot brake status is not reported on the CAN-BUS network on this vehicle.

The workaround is to connect the BLACK wire from the 20-pin connector on the EVO-ONE to the positive lead on the footbrake electrical harness.  Wirecolor will tell you which one that is for your specific Ford.  (On the 2008 Fusion, it is the purple wire with the white stripe on that four-lead harness.)


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