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2014 camry se, with axone , toy2 t-harness, revo1. remote. remote not working.

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evo goes thru programming fine, then using valet switch to program 2 remotes,  key on , holding valet , i get rapid flashes, push 5 times ,watching red light flash each push, press brake , press button on revo1 and doors lock and unlock? , turn off key, 4 flashes at yellow cut wires,  then i press remote and all i get is one blue flash on evo and 2 blue flashes on evo when second remote is pressed.  tried key on , pressed remotes and the doors lock and unlock , cant figure i out. bad revo 1? axone?

Also the parking lights do not flash when programming the remotes. and no red flash at the loop after the brake pedal is depressed.

The crimestopper has to black plugs one goes into the blue connector and i put  the other  into the data link, if i leave the one out of the data link connector the it doesnt work at all.
asked Dec 14, 2016 in Toyota by Kelly Bochniak (340 points)
edited Dec 14, 2016 by Kelly Bochniak

1 Answer

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You should NOT be plugging it into both the RF port and the data link port. This can damage the antenna permanently.

Have you enabled the fortin 2 protocol in the Remote start in the configuration menu?

If the red light does not blink when you press the brake pedal then the remotes have not properly programmed.

Instead of pressing the brake try pulsing the black wire on the 20 pin connector with 12 volts, this will replicate the brake signal.
answered Dec 14, 2016 by derek ! (277,630 points)
I replaced the revo1 and only plugged in the one connector to the blue plug, same thing,, tried to program with valet switch,  i get the rapid flashing , 5 flashes when pushing valet , single flash after pushing brake, but no flash after pushing button on remote, just the light on the remote itself flashes. do i have a faulty ax-one?, I m aready set on fortin2. would flashing a lower software work?

I even tried pulsing positive on the black wire ,instead of pushing brake , still no respond when pushing remote button.
I had to lower the firmware of the remote start side of evo one programming to 1.16, per crimestopper tech service. works fine.


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