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2004 Lexus GX470 - Steering memory disabled after remote starting car with Function 6 (Door Lock) to Mode 2

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My steering memory function where once you put the key in the steering wheel will adust to the last memory position has stopped functioning after I changed Function 6 (Door Lock), Mode 2 (Unlock before remote-start & Lock after remote-start.).  I know the memory function still works in my car because once I put the key in, the key sense will trigger the steering wheel to the last memory position.  It worked before when Function 6 (Door lock) was at the default mode 1 (No).  I had to switch mode 2 as the factory alarm would be triggered when activated the remote start feature.  

When I am inside the car, and use the remote start feature, I can see the car unlocks and the steering wheels moves the steering wheel a little, then stops before the car is locked again and then the remotes start feature is activated.  I think the key sense signal is stopped once the car is locked again, and then the remote start is activated.  

How do I fix this issue or would this required an update and a reflash of the Evo One?
asked Dec 13, 2016 in Lexus by Rooted Nookie (280 points)

1 Answer

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The vehicle might be recognizing the remote start startup as a different user, since it is not started with the key that has your programmed memory options. Normally, the fix is to setup your seats/steering wheel while the vehicle is running under remote start. This way, whenever you remote start, every will set itself the way you want it.
answered Dec 13, 2016 by Robert T (284,630 points)
This method doesn't work, I have tried it.  I am pretty sure the problem is the keysense is disable after the factory alarm is disarmed before the remote start feature is activated.