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Wired exactly as the install guide said but car won't even try to crank.

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Installed an Evo-One and Fortin RF642W 2 way RF kit in a 2003 Buick Century. Followed "connection 1" and "programming 1" as stated to by this install guide. http://fortin.ca/download/23261/evo-one_ig_reg_bi_gm_j1850_b_23261.pdf


All wiring has been verified multiple times to be exactly what the install guide said to do...nothing more and nothing less.


When I try to remote start the car, via the 2 way remote, the car will power on but will not crank the starter at all. When I use the remote to kick the car into "idle mode", the car unlocks as it should but shuts off when I turn the ignition off to pull the key.


Bypass portion programmed fine....RF remote also programmed fine.


Literally, the only wires connected at the moment are what the install guide I linked above says.

asked Dec 11, 2016 in Buick by Bill W (1,850 points)

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Diagram says to not use the white wire from the 6pin power harness. This wrong. You must wire the white wire on the 6pin power harness to ignition 2 on this car. Function: 2 Mode: 1 needs to be selected in the starter settings because the white wire is a programmable wire so it needs to be programmed to the right setting.

The diagram mentions you must program this car for "Tachless only" mode as well but this is false since it can get a tach signal from the bypass. You can indeed use the start with tach settings and do NOT have to use tachless!

That is the only missing wire and settings that needs to be done to make this car work(the car will start via tachless if you really prefer that).
answered Dec 13, 2016 by Bill W (1,850 points)
edited Dec 13, 2016 by Bill W
This guide covers 61 vehicles and not all of them have the tach signal on the data wire. So tachless mode will cover all vehicles.

This guide was made for professional installers, people who know how to verify which wires are need to powered up hence the note on the main harness to visit wirecolor for the vehicle's wiring info.


The newer guides were made with more information since less and less installers these days know how to properly identify and locate wires that need to be powered up.


If you look at connection 1, it only shows the single data wire to the OBD 2, and yellow pin A1 to the PInk in the main harness, everything else needs to be connected to the vehicle depending on what the vehicle needs to start.
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i had a similar issue with an early impala these cars have 2 ign and 2 accessory and will need to be powered up.

i used a coulpe relays to split the ign wire into two wires and the acc into two wires, second ign looks like a wht to dk green, and second acc, is brown not sure if  you have those two wired up but i would check
answered Dec 11, 2016 by Thomas Osgood (280 points)
Ya, when I was looking at the diagram, I was thinking it was a bit off...this isn't the first time I've had Fortin diagrams be off so nothing new here.

You were on the right track. In my case, the 2nd ignition wire needed to be energized; the 2nd accessory does not need to be. I was able to accomplish this by simply wiring the excluded white wire from the 6pin harness wired to the 2nd ignition wire on the car. Function: 2 Mode: 1 needs to be enabled in this instance to accomplish ignition.

So it works now and no relays needed in this case. Thanks for the thought.


Fortin, your diagram is wrong for this car. It shows the white wire from the 6pin harness as not being used but it needs to be. There also is no mention that the appropriate settings need to be programmed since that wire is programmable like your other diagrams do mention
Thank you for the feedback. It has been passed along to the appropriate department.


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