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EVO-ALL driver's door won't lock

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HI, please help. I have exact same problem as described here:


except that I installed the remote start (Compustar CM7200 remote starter + DR3100 cellular Drone module + Fortin EVO-ALL immobilizer bypass) on my daughter's 2009 Subaru Impreza sedan. (I'm not a pro installer, just a DiY'er)

The driver's door won't lock. It won't lock when commanded from the Compustar keyfob, it won't re-lock after remote start (I enabled the unlock-start-relock because otherwise the alarm would go off every time when remote started). it won't lock when commanded from the Drone app.
Every time the doors are supposed to lock, all doors lock fine, except the driver's. I hear the driver's door lock locking, and then immediately unlocking.

So, what should I do? Cut wire A10 (it seemed to help the guy with the Kia)? Or wire A20? Or do something else? It has to be fixed, I can't let her leave the car with engine running and unlocked driver's door, especially when the car is out of sight (which was the whole point of going for the Drone)

Please advise. Thank you!

(P.S.) everything else works just fine
asked Dec 10, 2016 in Subaru by Alexander Koudriashov (150 points)
edited Dec 10, 2016 by Alexander Koudriashov

1 Answer

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Did you program the datalink protocol on the CM7200 to Fortin protocol ?
answered Dec 10, 2016 by Alexander Koudriashov (85,190 points)
No I did not. How? Do you mean, setting option 4-11? I think option 4-11 sets the mode for the gray port, and I've got the drone on gray port.

Besides, all the functions work just fine - the engine starts, stops, doors lock, unlock, trunk opens.

The only thing that doesn't work - the driver's door won't lock.
Try enabling option F2 in the EVOALL.

On CM7200, I changed option 4-11 to Fortin. I did not enable option F2 on EVO-ALL (figured, it should be one or the other but not both).

CN6 (Gray) port is now connected to Fortin EVO-ALL, talking to it by Fortin protocol.

The Drone is now on CN7 (Black) port.

Everything works now! Driver's door locks and unlocks as it should!

Mathieu, thank you very much!