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2016 VW Golf Sportwagen Inconsistent starting especially with EVO-START

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I Have recently installed an EVO-ALL with EVO-START into a 2016 VW Golf Sportwagen. Regular Key-start.

With factory settings A1-A11, D1, D2(factory alarm) C1 & H2(evo-start) all turned ON. The car seems to start at random with this setup it will work sometimes and then will not start on an immobilizer error. Once I get the error it will not remote start again.. but then if I manually cycle the key on/off in the ignition, get out of the car and remote start it will usually work again. 

If I wrap the key in series from the evo-all to the transponder (D4 white/green wire from evo-all module directly to key wrap and then out of key wrap to transpoder wire) and then turn OFF option A3 the car remote starts perfectly every time. but will also start manually with a NON-CHIP key. (always sending transponder key)

The key wrap has been checked and redone (just to make sure) as has all the wiring and everything is good. Firmware version is up to date as recommended. I even tried another evo all module to make sure and got the same result.

I'm really not sure what else to check at this point,  But with A3 on and white/green wired in parallel with the wrap/transponder I get very random starting results will work several times in a row and then not start on an imoblizer error the evo-start is less consistant than than 3x lock on the oem remote but both are not near consistant enough. 



Is it possible to wire this set up with a transponder ring/wrap instead of the cut transpnder wire on the car? Not sure if that would help provide more consistant results?

asked Dec 5, 2016 in Volkswagen by Rob Relf (130 points)

1 Answer

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You can definitely wire with a  transponder ring instead of doing the cut. We show this method because a ring around the barrel makes it sometimes hard to put the original bezel back.
answered Dec 5, 2016 by Robb (201,550 points)
Thanks Robert.  Is there anything else I should be looking for with the inconsistance issue?

Also what wiring schematic should I be using for this car to use a transponder ring?


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