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Transponder Harness Location 01 CR-V

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Bought a SL-3 Bypass and cant find the apparent 5 pin connector near the ignition with a red and blue wire.  There are about (4) 2 pin connectors all around the ignition barrel but no 5 pin like my instructions say?
closed with the note: dont even need this bypass
asked Nov 12, 2016 in Honda by Manoj Kotecha (130 points)
closed Nov 12, 2016 by Manoj Kotecha

1 Answer

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Do you have the 7 pin connector shown in connection 1 ? Maybe your vehice is a 2002...

The connector is right under the keyhole
answered Nov 12, 2016 by Manoj Kotecha (85,190 points)
Apparently my 01 doesnt even need this bypass, installed without and remote start is working great.  Starting to think its the Canada models that need them for the first gen CR-Vs.