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08 Volvo XC90 antenna ring placement? Remote start not working

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What is the correct ring antenna placement for an 08 XC90?  I have an EVO - One installed and programmed to the vehicle with FTX75 remotes and corresponding antenna.  Remotes are also programmed and work to lock/unlock doors.  Unfortunately, the vehicle is not remote starting.  It wants to, dash lights and such turn on, but the vehicle doesn't turn over.  I'm assuming the problem lies with placement of the antenna ring.  WireColor and Fortin documentation seems lacking for the specific placement.  I took the factory antenna ring off the vehicle and took it apart, but couldn't figure out the placement inside.  Between the ignition column and factory antenna ring tolarences seemed too small to fit the antenna ring in there.  The local dealer is also unsure of placement.  Do I need to splice the antenna ring and solder to the factory antenna ring?  I also have a Fortin coffin box for the key.
asked Nov 11, 2016 in Volvo by Sid (130 points)

2 Answers

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does the car remote start if you place the key in the ignition?
answered Nov 11, 2016 by derek ! (293,700 points)
No, the car does not start with the key in the ignition. It won't even attempt to. When the key is out, it attempts to start, but won't.
The vehicle needs to remote start with the oem key inserted ONLY or held next to the ignition switch. if it does not start this way, then the problem lies with the remote starter connections to the vehicle.


Thank you
So the vehicle will start with the key not inserted when the remote start is initiated first.  Once the dash lights come on, when the key is inserted the car starts.  At this point I can remove the key and the car continues to idle just fine.  I can remote kill it fine and kill by tapping the brakes.  

When the key is in the ignition, the car doesn't seem to accept the remote start command at all.

The key sense wire on vehicle is connected to the yellow wire of the 20 pin connector.  Continuity is good beteen the wire harness and 20 pin connector.

The universal transponder bypass is currently configured with the standard immobilizer interface (power, GND, blue wire connected to drk blue of 20 pin connector).  Continuity checks out on these connections between endpoints.  

A wire ring leads to the ignition column and is currently behind the factory antenna ring.  ***I realize instructions for the standard interface explicitely state the antenna ring must be infront of the factory antenna ring, but I don't understand this placement.***

Do I need to configure for an alternate immolizer interface?  If so, is there more specific instriuctions for tying into the factory tranceiver/antenna ring?  Or perhaps the bypass needs keysense?  Thanks.
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This is the polarity converting relay diagram.



Use the Dark Blue output of the EVO-ONE. Since it's already being used for another purpose, split the signal in two using two 1 A diodes.
answered Nov 14, 2016 by Robert T (285,980 points)

I thought I was close, but apparently not.  I must have unplugged the 20 PIN harness the other night while working and forgot to plug back in.  When I did, I get the same problem as before.  The car only starts after the remote start sequence is initiated and then the key must be inserted in the ignition to get it to start.  It doesn't accept the remote start command when the key is in the ignition.  If I unplug the 20 PIN harness, the remote start does work with the key in the ignition again.  


The GWR wire shows no voltage at the EVO, whether the car is running or not.  The same wire at the trigger of the relay and blue cable of coffin box end points constantly have 12V, whether the car is running or not.  


The GWR wire is split with 2 x IN4001 diodes.  One diode is connected to the blue wire of the coffin box.  The other connected to the trigger wire of the relay (relay output to keysense).  


Where have I gone wrong?  Thanks.8361087946012484629" style="width: 600px; height: 375px;">


Diodes are reversed. Flip them around. The lines on the diode should facing the EVO so that GROUND can pass. Start with that. 

Little test. If you GROUND the GWR wire directly at the EVO, you should hear the relay "click". 

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I'll be honest though, I dont think a coffin box will grab the RF from the chip in the shaft of the Volvo key correctly. Those types of boxes are made for good ol regular metal shaft keys that the chip is in the other end.
Reversing the diodes seems to have done it.  I don't think the car starts with the key in it remotely, but it doesn't seem to matter, as it's now remote starting without issue.  Coffin box, key ring and all.  Thanks for all the help:)
Excellent! Enjoy the warm mornings!