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Installed an autostart remote start and INT-SL+ into a 2003 Pontiac Montana and everything seemed to go well until it was all back together and tried to do a key takeover the security (lock symbol) icon is displayed in the information centre on the instrument panel.  Tried the Q and A and followed instructions to cut Orange PK3 wire and atach one side to yellow and the other to yellow/black of the INT-SL+, tried this and did not change.  Tried updating the firmware to V3.06, thought I had it fixed until vehicle was put back together and security icon still comes back on. Everything is normal starting the van with the key, everything is normal when remote starting.  It's during takeover when the key is put into run and brake is applied to shut off remote starter that the security light comes on solid and stays on until vehicle is shut off and restarted with they key.  Any suggestions, other than black tape over the light?
in Pontiac by Micheal Unger (2.4k points)

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Even though the security light is on do all functions still work as intended?
by Derek (263k points)
Yes, everything else seems to work fine. The customer can only get light to go off by turning vehicle off and restarting with the key.
That would be my next suggestion. Make the car shut down on door open so the client does not have to see the light.