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Why is there an anti-theft message on my truck when trying to remote start my truck?

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I have the Evo All with Tharness. The module is able to start my truck with 3 lock presses. However, when I try to remote start the vehicle using the remote starter connected to the Evo, the acc and ignition turn on but when it seems to try to start the vehicle (no crank), the display in gauges says Anti-theft active and everything turns off. I have tried with both the vehicle locked and unlocked with no difference. What can be the issue?
asked Oct 30, 2016 in GMC by Julio Martinez (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the brand and model of the remote starter you are using ?

What's the service number written on the module ?
answered Oct 31, 2016 by Julio Martinez (85,110 points)
The service number on the evo is: 001A06542882.

The remote starter is the 2GO Keyless system. The iKey is the model. When I try to remote start the yellow light comes on and not the red. I've checked the ground and it's fine. Thanks for responding.
Its both a push to start and remote start. Neither works unless the key is in the ignition. I just check the ground once again and it's working. I also checked the purple yellow wire to see if it is getting a start signal and it is also.


Is it possible that updating or programming (or using dcryptor) the evo using the flash link could help?

Also, I checked the trouble shooting and dont understand this first section.

  1. Please check that the CorrectIMMO Power wire is cut and connected to the unit. Best way to check is to pull out the purple immobilizer connector and look at the end where the wires come out, there are 2 numbers embossed on the connector, a number 1 and number 3. You should be on the wire next to the number 3


What is this saying? Do I have to cut a wire?

The vehicle is a 2015 GMC Sierra.
does the car start using 3x lock button on oem remote?
The truck starts right up and works fine with the 3x lock button remote start. Is it required to use the ground from the evo all wiring to ground my remote starter? I have the remote starter taking ground from the chasis and not the evo (as pictured using the data-link ground wire in the instructions). Thanks again
that's your problem right there.

The drk.blue when the module is in stand alone is not a gwr. it is a hood input. which cancels out any type of remote starting.

connect your negative status out when running to the yellow/black wire of the evo and try again.
I'll try tomorrow and let you know. Hopefully that fixes the issue I'm having. Thanks again for your help, I really appriciate it.
I was able to try. When I connected to the wire you said (the trunk release right?) The truck started. However, it only worked that one time. I am getting the anti-theft message again.  The solid red light on evo turns on like it should but nothing. The truck also honks when I try remote starting now.
Ok disconnect the ground out from the yellow/black.

So at this point seeing as the evo is starting your car with 3x lock and working as intended.

But the truck does not start when trying to use your pts system I would suggest contacting the manufacturer of your pts system to see what they can do with their module....as it is the one not allowing your car to start when trying to use that system...