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EVO-ONE is freez - after power on unit is engine at once start!

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Unit installed as stand-alone bypass and remote starter with oem remote.

Outlander 2016MY with classic key.

Installed and programming succesfully but after connected all other wires this problem:

After power on unit at once engine start. After it i can't shutdown engine - no reaction on pressing lock-lock-lock, not work timer. Ignition key not witch off engine. While I not disconnect unit or battery engine will work!

Unic react on CAN signal, after connect first sequense lock-lock-lock red led on, some times off.

Unit was reflash both bypass and remote started parts, both reset, but no result!
asked Oct 24, 2016 in Mitsubishi by Serg Bigs (180 points)

2 Answers

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And not reflash not master reset remote start unit not clear settings to default!

Option can ON or OFF and I can save it after.
answered Oct 25, 2016 by Serg Bigs (180 points)
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When the vehicle is remote started, does the BLUE LED flash on the module if you press the lock button on the remote?


When the vehicle is remote starter, does the vehicle shut down if you press and hold the brake?

When the vehicle is remote starter, does the RED LED on top the EVO-ONE shut off?

answered Oct 25, 2016 by Robb (239,990 points)
Hi, Robert.Thank you for your attention.

1. Yes, blue LED flashing on module when I press LOCK on the remote.

2. No, vehicle not shut down any action - not press brake, not key ignition in position off - it shut down only when disconnect module or battery "-".

3. After some seconds after red LED  off
RED led turning off indicates the remote starter is 100% turning OFF. If the vehicle stays running at this point there is either an issue in the wiring or the module was accidently shorted during the isntall.

Immediately after power module ON is heard as the relay is activated!
I think what module shorted or hangs
Thank's for you assistance