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CM800-S 1995 Buick Park Avenue - Door Unlock/Lock

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Door Unlock/Lock

The following are from WireColor.com ...

Lock - 95. Red/Black Driver's Kick
Unlock - 99. Orange/Black Driver's Kick

These colors are incorrect, these are for 1996, the correct colors are White and Light Blue for 1995's, can be found at the Door Lock/Unlock Switch or in the bundle of wires Driver's side under carpet, above Rocker area.

This link has the correct colors in a chart.

Regarding the quest for information regarding the subject of Door Locks, the 1991-1996 Buick Park Avenue's ALL HAVE (+) DOOR LOCK/UNLOCK configuration at the switches. [However the Remote Accessory Control sends (-)]

I built and tested a bank of two standard relay's for the purpose of Door Lock/Unlock which is operational from CM800-S Remotes.

The CN3 wires to connect to the relay's are #4 Blue (-) Unlock and #5 Blue/Black (-) Lock . The car wire colors are White (Unlock) and Light Blue (Lock), these are the same wires that run to the Lock/Unlock Relay, under the carpet at front of Driver's seat.

However the relay's that I set up to operate the doors do not turn on the interior lights, and unlock opens all the doors, not just Driver's door on the first pulse, so going to try and get the CM800-S (-) pulses connected to the correct wires at the Remote Accessory Control / LH Door Isolation Relay area to gain some functionality.

The CM800-S Trunk Release (-) attached to the dash Trunk Release Switch (car wire Black), unlocks the doors at the same time as the trunk is opened, which is what the installation details show as correct.

Thanks for your help.
asked Oct 21, 2016 in Buick by Gerald Howse (470 points)
edited Oct 25, 2016 by Gerald Howse

1 Answer

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I've sent a reply to your email concerning these wires, I've included the pdf version of the guide and possible positive polarity doorlock wires, depending on the trim level of your vehicle, it could either be negative or positive doorlock wires, hence the warning I gave about testing each wire with a digital voltmeter for the proper polarity before any connections are made.


Thank you
answered Oct 21, 2016 by JM (61,720 points)
The trim level of this particular vehicle is Ultra.

Both the Base model and Ultra have Adaptive Lamp Modules.

As for rust, few are removed from service because of rust; Many have been garage stored avoiding deterioration.

I will find the correct wires and check polarity.

Thanks for your reply.


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