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how can I reset the evo one and start over I can't remote start my Pathfinder

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I purchase a evo one for my 09 Nissan Pathfinder hook it up with the T-hareness but had problem with the locks locking after I stop the start moving again so I purchase the Flash Link up dated everything then hook it back up tryed the remote start not working would like to know if there is something else I can do I recheck my wireing eveything is good on that an
asked Oct 18, 2016 in Nissan by Abraham White (180 points)

2 Answers

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Try cycling the module in and out of valet mode as follow:

1- turn ignition ON

2- press the valet switch 3 times

3- turn ignition OFF

This should turn off the red led under the yellow loop.

once the red led is out then try remote starting your vehicle.
answered Oct 19, 2016 by derek ! (277,630 points)
selected Oct 21, 2016 by derek !
Getting power and ground but no lights
is anything else plugged into the evo-one when you are holding the programming button down and inserting the 6 pin connector?

Also you are holding the programming button right? Not the valet button.

Also, you can always give us a call when you are in the vehicle and we can go through the troubleshooting together in the vehicle to see what's going on. our number is toll-free 1-877-336-7797

ask for Derek :)

Ok I will call later today
Customer called in and spoke with me.

Master reset of both bypass and remote starter, Reflash both remote starter and bypass, reprogram the module and everything worked as it should :)
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What does the lights on the module do when trying to remote start ?
answered Oct 18, 2016 by Abraham White (85,190 points)
There is no lights on module except the red light beside the learn button

Derek you help me out a lot when call you walk me thru the resetting

the Module so I can get Pathfinder up an running.



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