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Remote starter has been sporadically starting vehicle on its own with no fob input on 2012 subaru forester

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Last winter car started on its own several times(5 that I know of) and then during spring/summer months this stopped occurring then this fall it has occurred 2 times and fobs were inside with no human physical contact. Fortunately car is not kept in garage as this would have been an extremely dangerous event(carbon monoxide). I purchased the vehicle off lease from a used dealer in Ontario , car was originally in service/purcahsed new  in quebec where I expect this fortin system was installed. Unit was installed in car when I purchased used. What can be done to rectify this and is their a recall on this unit. I can absolutely confirm that none of the fobs were depressed in any manner  to cause this.
asked Oct 1, 2016 in Subaru by Dan Good (140 points)

2 Answers

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The service number you provided is for an EVOALL module which is responsible of CAN communication with the vehicle. This is not the module receiving the signal from the remotes. You must have a remote starter module that is causing the issue.

Your vehicle should be verified by a qualified technician to identify the cause of the vehicle starting on its own.

When a vehicle is driven into a garage, valet mode should always be engaged by user to prevent the vehicle from starting inside.
answered Oct 2, 2016 by Dan Good (85,110 points)
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Hi Dan,

I have similar problem with My Subaru Tribeca 2009 and Fortin starter as it start randomly the car without any humain intervention. At first I change the batteries on the two FOB but it continue to do it randomly. I decide to remove the battery on both FOB and to my suprise the car start again on the same day?!

Did you find anything on your issue?

I believe I have a FSA starter, will try to find the model tomorrow. The FOB is grey black with 5 buttons.  Is there any recall or know issue of the starter to this behavior?  Seem like a bad contact as it never did this before and I own the car for 5 years now. The stater was install the same time I took ownership of the car.
answered Dec 21, 2018 by Eric Phenix (160 points)