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2016 ford transit 250 t harness not available yet for the evo all?

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Was told by one of distribution dealers (Clutchfield) that the t harness-with plugs for the evo all is not available yet for the 2016 ford transit, needs to be all spliced in,if so when will it be?
asked Sep 4, 2016 in Ford by Kelly Bochniak (340 points)

1 Answer

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Did one yesterday with an EVOONE and THAR-FORT1, worked perfectly. Connect the yellow wire of the 20 pin connector to the yellow wire of the t-harness.
answered Sep 8, 2016 by Kelly Bochniak (85,190 points)
selected Sep 8, 2016 by Robert T
Yes and make sure that C1 and D1 are enabled in the options tab.


Thank you,
service number 001a06634909

1) no rx tx connected since i have no transponder

2) yellow wire connected to yellow/black-keysense-ohm'd to confirm postion 6 on plug to ignition

3)black wire connected to frame neg.

4) can high and low connected, gray to gray/orange can high

can low gray/black connected to violet/orange- stripped and wrapped,taped.

thats all that is connected

5) connected 4 pin to evoall holding button , released on blue,  plugged  in red connector, 20 pin , can plug,  inserted key, turned to on, blue light goes out , then flashes, removed key, flashing blue light turns off

6) pressing lock or unlock on key does not turn any lights on evoall,  just locks and unlocks doors, pressed lock and unlock on aftermarket  alarm fob, no lights, same just locks and unlocks

7) put key in ignition yellow light comes on, start  the van and just stays yellow

what am i doing wrong?

plus i turned off a3, confirmed c1 , d1, d2 on , then d2 off, no change,did master reset, reinstall options , no change. turned off hood pin , no change.

im lost at this point
it would seem that oem remote monitoring is not supported on that particular model, since the blue led is not flashing on oem remote button presses, please try touching the Yellow/Black wire in the 20 pin connector to ground for about half a second and tell me if the vehicle remote starts in standalone. if so, you will need to add a RF kit to be able to control the system.


Thank you,
It did start touching yellow/black to neg., looks like I need a rf kit, thx.
I finally recieved the crimestopper revo1 rf kit, installed, programmed evoall  and remotes, works great. thx for all your help.