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Blue LED does not flash 2014 Dodge Charger SE Step 10 turns off when PTS pushed Can Hi/Lo OK...Brake?

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I have been through the programming steps 3 times.  Was somewhat confused as to whether I should push on the brake (as in "hold down brake and push button to start" for normal starting) during programming steps so I tried both ways.  Both times, all goes well until step 10 of the programming sequence.  With the Blue LED on solid, when pushing the start button once to turn on the ignition, the blue LED turns completely off and does not flash.  I read elsewhere in the Dodge FAQ where it was suggested to connect red/green A18 wire to brake pedal wire, but in my install guide (#12211 - Stand Alone for CHRT6 with T Harness for Automatic Trans Only), the connection diagram says to connect wire A18 to the parking light switch wire which is how I have it.  Just to note, when I do not press the brake pedal during programming, the car goes to run position, but does not actually start whereas when I do press the pedal, it does.  This seems to have no effect either way on the situation with Blue LED (behavior is same either way).  I have double checked and can-bus hi/lo wires are correct and not reversed.  Hardware version is 6, firmware is 74.25.  Thanks for any advice you may have!
asked Sep 1, 2016 in Dodge by William Thomason (130 points)

1 Answer

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looking at your service number, it shows that you have successfully dcrypted the evo unit. are you still having issues?
answered Sep 1, 2016 by JM (61,720 points)
I did run the Decryptor on it after the first try just to see if that made any additional information available.  When it did not I re programmed and then submitted the question. So yes I'm still having the issue but thanks much for your quick response.
Once Dcrypted you should not reprogram as this will erase any succesful dcryptor process.


Please do a master reset, and start from the beginning, You do not press on the brake during programming, and make sure the battery is out of the keyfob during the first steps of programming , you only re-install the battery near the end of the programming to finish it.


Please follow all connections as show in the guide, do not change connections, some chrysler/dodge vehicles do require a brake connetion, but not yours.
Many thanks for your suggestion I am going to try later this evening to follow one quick question before when I did not use break car did go into run mode but did not actually start is that the correct behavior thanks again
Also try enabling option D6 in the options tab.

Thank you,


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