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Will EVO-ALL ever support Drone Mobile?

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Just wondering if Drone DR-3100 support on the EVO-ALL module is in development.  I did a 3x lock standalone remote start install on my 2013 VW GTI and would like to add drone mobile to the setup without buying another module, such as the Compustar FT-7200S-CONT.

asked Jul 22, 2016 in FAQ by JPK (260 points)

1 Answer

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Currently we do not have a specific time as to when it will be compatible.

For the mean time it is compatible with the evo-one, or you could use the smartstart app which is compatible with the evo-all.
answered Jul 22, 2016 by Derek (182,240 points)
selected Jul 25, 2016 by Robb
Is the Drone Mobile 3400 compatible with the evo-all yet? If not, is there an ETA?
Not as of yet. Evo-One only for now.
Drone is only available with the EVO-ONE. There is no ETA on when or if it will be available with the EVO-ALL.
Is this Compatible with evo all yet