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Evo-Onel 07 MDX shock sensor install

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I try connecting the shock sensor to the 3 port connection of the Evo-One, but when testing the port it has no positive output, and from what I can tell no ground. How could I hook up my dual stage shock sensor to this great all in one unit. I have my smart start hooked up and running as well as my parking lights working (-), thanks to Jesus' quick detailed replies. Is there a setting I missed or perhaps a pair of wires I could connect the signal wires to and ground the negative and get power from another wire when armed, similiar to the evo-all.
asked Jul 13, 2016 in Acura by James Brady (170 points)

1 Answer

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in order to use the shock sensor port you first need to enable to alarm option which is option 14.2.

Once this is done the shock sensor port will work. The middle pin is the trigger power and ground are on each side. test to ensure you are connecting ir accordingly.


On a side note jesus knows what he's talking about yes

answered Jul 13, 2016 by Derek (182,240 points)
14.2 is enabled. It is just not working for me. Any other suggestions?
1. Put your voltmeter on DC volts,

2. Plug in just the shock sensor connector to the evo-one's shock sensor port,

3. Put your black probe on the black wire on the main 6 pin harness

4. Please test the 2 outside pins/wires.

5. One pin will show 12v on your meter. this is your 12v power source, identify and isolate. (pin closest to the 20 pin connector port)

6. Once 12v is located, The other wire will be the ground, (pin closest to the white 2 pin valet switch port)

7. To test ground, now put your voltmeter to the Resistance/Ohms setting

8. Probe the wire that has been identified as the ground wire, your meter should show 0 resistance on this wire when tested or "shorted" to the black wire on the main 6 pin harness.

9. The only test for the middle pin (trigger input) is to lock/arm the evo-system, wait around 1-2 minutes, then pulse the middle pin with a ground signal, the evo should react with parking lights flashing and/or horn honking depending if they were connected to the vehicle.


Thank you,