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EVO-FORT1 wiring information

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The biggest question I hear when it comes to the EVO-FORT1 combo is that the module "will not program"....9 times out of 10 it is that the 3 main connections were left out!!! So below is the 3 types of connections that are done between the evo and the t-harness.


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In the above image commonly used on the 40 bit type systems its basically match the colors between the t-harness and the 20 pin connector. Be sure to isolate the Yellow/Black wire from the T-Harness as it is not connected.


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In the image above commonly used on 80 bit systems we match the colors EXCEPT you are not connecting yellow to yellow rather the yellow/black from the t-harness connects to the yellow wire from the 20 pin connector and you isolate the Yellow wire in the T-Harness.


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In the above image it is exactly the same as connection 2 but in addition to the Yellow/Black being connected to the Yellow of the evo-all, we are also connecting the Purple/Yellow along with the Yellow. Isolate the Yellow wire from the T-Harness.

asked Jul 5, 2016 in Ford by Derek (146,230 points)
retagged Jul 5, 2016 by Derek

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