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Adding Aftermarket Passive Keyless Entry to installed EVO-ALL and Crimestopper RS00G5

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Solved, thanks everyone! Read through the entire thread for solution/method.


I would like to install the DEI 2101t Passive Keyless Entry to my 2012 Toyota Camry with G Key that already has the EVO-ALL and Crimestopper RS00G5 installed.

I'm wondering if there will be any conflicts and if it's possible to use the included D2D connection on the DEI 2101t to the EVO-ALL to simplify the installation so I don't have to use analog. Page 19 of the manual linked below includes information on the D2D and analog wiring.


DEI 2101t PKE Installation Manual

Also in the install manual it has output connections to the vehicle called "(+) Door Sense" and "(-) Door Sense". Are those the Lock Motor(red, pin 18) or Unlock Motor(gray, pin 12) wires in the driver kick panel Or maybe the Keysense (white, pin 17) wire in the Main Body ECU?


2012 Camry Wire Chart


asked Jul 4, 2016 in FAQ by Scott L (150 points)
edited Jul 8, 2016 by Scott L

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You cannot mix 2 data link protocols at the same time. As mentioned by mathieu below, wire 2 wire...

As for the door sense wires on your directed module you would want to contact them for the specific purpose of those as im not familiar with their products.
answered Jul 4, 2016 by derek ! (285,990 points)
reshown Jul 4, 2016 by derek !
I guess the PKE doesn't work when the ignition is on. You will have to contact them to have a fix.
The PKE system is now working perfectly in tandem with the EVO-ALL and the RS00G5.

It seems the remote start t-taps got loose somehow, which for some reason didn't let the PKE function when the vehicle was "partially started". However, the PKE was able to function normally with the EVO-ALL if the vehicle is cold or is started with the key. After securing all the connections in the ignition harness, everything has been working as expected.

The wiring I posted earlier is all that is needed. The horn/chirp and parking lights wires from the PKE are not needed because the lock/unlock is handled by the EVO-ALL.

Thanks for all the helps guys. Hope this topic is informative for others in the future.
t-taps are evil !!! This is the correct way of doing your connections http://wirecolor.com/en/qa/71368/what-is-the-correct-way-to-connect-wires

Specially for those tiny toyota wires.
Yes, since I'm new to this, those 6 t-taps I used in the ignition harness caused me hours of problems during my remote start install. I stopped using them after I finished up wiring up the ignition harness.

The method you linked was the way I ended up using in the remainder of the wire connections for my remote start install.
Scott, did you need to change any settings in the Evo all for your directed pke system to work through the data to data connection? Nevermind my phone didn't load the earlier conversations ...sorry.