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Can I use Connection D of The Evo All To Hook Up The Evo One To A Remote Starter?

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I have a 2006 dodge ram 1500 with a regular key. I'm trying to hook up a Cool Start RS7-G5 to an Evo One {Ax-One}. There are no guides showing how to hook a remote starter to an Evo One. Can I use  connection D of the evo all as a guide. I have the t-harness also. If not, can you point me to a solution?
asked Jun 26, 2016 in Dodge by John Breitfeller (200 points)
edited Jun 26, 2016 by John Breitfeller

1 Answer

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The evo-one is a remote starter so their are no guides showing how to hook it up as you mentioned because that would basically mean you are installing a remote starter ontop of a remote starter.

For your vehicle you dont even need the cool start module at all, the evo-one will handle everything.

Here is a link to the installation guide using the t-harness for your 06 ram. http://fortin.ca/download/27941/evo-one_thar-chr5_skreem%2B_revd20150120.pdf

Let me know if you need any more help :)

answered Jun 27, 2016 by derek ! (284,550 points)
selected Jun 29, 2016 by Robert T