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I cant look at my wiring scheme anymore

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I used my free vehicle key on my account that came with the bypass for my ford f150 2010 and now i cant look at the pdf anymore please help!
asked Jun 24, 2016 in Ford by zac B (140 points)

1 Answer

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The key is good for 48 hrs once used then locks you out again. Contact support@ifar.ca if you need a pdf copy of the wirecolor pictures and wire information.

all installation guides are available on fortin.ca free of charge. Simply use the red "Select Vehicle" filter on fortin.ca, select the car in question, and guides will be there waiting for you. They are sorted per different product so just grab the guide under whichever product you have.
answered Jun 24, 2016 by Robert T (284,610 points)
Thank you sir!