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Crank but will not start

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The EVO-ONE is installed and programmed successfully. I could only programmed one of the remotes, the second remote could not be program for some reason. After programming the first remote, the car will crank but will not fire. Am I suppose to do something with A4 (-) ignition and A5 (-) start wire on the 20-pin? I also have A15(-) hood/door hooked up to dome light, is that correct for security? The alarm feature is not working.
asked Jun 11, 2016 in Toyota by Son Vu (350 points)
edited Jun 11, 2016 by Son Vu

1 Answer

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You don't have to connect anything to A4 and A5.

Does your key have a G stamped on the blade shaft or a dot ?
answered Jun 11, 2016 by Son Vu (85,070 points)
selected Jun 20, 2016 by Robb
The FTX44-2W programs on 5x the valet switch after it chirps upon entering the evo one feature programming, you also need to push the (-) button before the lock button


please type this guide number : 33051 on the search bar on the top right side on the Fortin.ca website.

It will give you the correct programming sequence for your remotes.


Thank you
Remote programming is in function 5 not funciton 1. You need to press the valet button 5 times and not 1 time.
Finally got it to work! Thank you all! One more question, how do you cancel remote start after you start it? Just to conserve gas when you change your mind or something of that nature.
yes, press on the (-) button then the start button to stop the remote start.
Thank you!