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2012 Ford F150 Keys wont program Just has blue light on and red light Flashes 3 times

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2012 F150 trying to get keys programmed and when i get to the last time 1st in and then sec and the 1st again i get the the solid blue and red flashes 3 times and the truck stays on even with key out til i unplug four pin connector. i have looked at the gray and gray with black but connections are good. Just wont program
asked Jun 9, 2016 in Ford by Mitchell Karr (130 points)

1 Answer

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When you do the key 1 key 2 key1 again programming sequence, you are in effect trying to enter the OEM key programming sequence, for this to work properly:

1. you need the 2 OEM master keys that came with the vehicle, ( no programmed extra keys or valet keys)

2. The doorlocks should cycle once when you insert the first key for the 2nd time ( step 8)  this confirms that the oem key programming was properly accessed. (do not let too much time pass between key 1 and key 2 steps)

3. Disconnect the red 6 pin connector during the programming sequence, once programmed re-plug this connector,

Thank you,
answered Jun 9, 2016 by JM (61,760 points)
It does cycle locks  when I put key one in but blue just stays solid and red flashes 3 times and goes out and then 3 times

Does the red and blue flash 10x? then gets stuck on the blue led?

Please verify on the yellow wire on the 20 pin connector that it is connected to the Yellow/Black on the t-harness and NOT the yellow wire.

Also Light Blue and Light Blue/Black from the 20 pin connector are connected to the same colored wires on the t-harness.

The yellow wire in the 20 pin connector should show 12v (checked with a digital voltmeter) the second you insert the vehicle's key in the ignition barrel, and stay 12v all the time even when turning the key to the ignition position and crank.

We have seen some ford vehicles with an intermittent "key sense" wire,If the voltage disappears when moving the key in the ignition barrel. WD-40 sprayed lightly in the ignition switch seems to fix these vehicles with sticky keysense switches.

And do the whole programming with the red connector (6 pin) unplugged


Thank you

Same thing. Tested yellow wire and it was a solid 12+ volts the whole time just dropped like .3 volts when the key turned on but that shouldn't hurt it. Went thru the whole thing again and it did the lock cycle at the end and just started flashing red and solid blue and it never flashes 10x it just goes to red flashing and blue solid
Please send us 12 digit service number on the bottom of evo unit


2 tests to do,

1. we will try to program just the CAN bus part, start from the beginning, push and hold programming button, insert 4 pin datalink, release programming button when blue led lights up, insert 20 pin connector and white 5 pin can connector, leave red connector unplugged for now. Insert key into ignition and turn to the IGN/ON position, blue led should shut off, then a few seconds later, blue should flash. if blue does not shut off after turning key to ignition, there is an issue with the Yellow (key sense wire). if the blue led shuts off but does not flash, then the can wires might be reversed.


2. Please double check the RX and TX connections. Light Blue/Black wire should go to the RX wire, it should be the wire on the edge of the connector. The Light Blue goes to the 3rd pin (TX)

These wires can easily be checked with a voltmeter or logic probe, the TX will have NO power on it until Ignition is turned on, and the RX will have 12v and go away when the key is turned on, (if using a logic probe, you will be able to see pulses on this wire)