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2016 NISSAN GTR parking lights

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I recently installed  an EVO-ALL with T-harness in a 2016 Nissan GTR. Everything went great as far as install, but the parking lights do not flash. I found the proper wire at the fuse box per the diagram and i have output on the brown wire from the t harness but no flash.
asked Apr 22, 2016 in Nissan by Ultra Auto Sound (4,820 points)

2 Answers

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talked to tech support, looks like the parking light wire at that plug is possibly before the relay. ended up using L/R turn signals using diodes found at the ECU on the passenger side
answered Oct 24, 2016 by Ultra Auto Sound (4,820 points)
0 votes
How did you test the parking light wire on the vehicle?
answered Apr 22, 2016 by Rico (52,090 points)
used a multi meter at the plug
Could you please describe how and what polarity you got when you tested for your parking light wire.

Brown/White from the 20 pin connector of the evo-all should give you a NEGATIVE pulse whenever you lock, unlock, start the vehicle.

This  Brown/White wire goes into the micro-relay that is pre-wired into the T-harness. You should be able to feel the micro relay clicking if you hold in your hand when the evo is triggered.

The Brown wire coming from the t-harness is your POSITIVE parking light output wire. this wire will output 12v whenever the micro relay is activated.

Thank you.
i get a postive output from the micro relay but when connected to the red wire at the fusebox, i dont get any light flash. also tried hooing up the remote starter light wire directly and still does not work


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