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2006 5 Series INT-BMW2 + EVO-ALL issues & wire colours

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Car: 2006 525xi - Automatic
Using INT-BMW2 + EVO-ALL (firmware 4.18) + Viper 4806V (wire-to-wire)

Problem 1) INT-BMW lists the brake wire colors as shown below. My car has a Brown/Gray, but it does not have a Purple/White-or-Purple/Yellow.

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Here's a photo of my brake switch harness: (colors from left to right) Blue/Orange, Brown/Gray, Brown/Black, Purple/Black.
Right now I'm guesing to use the Purple/Black in place of the Purple/White, is this correct?11720166677051510243" style="width: 600px; height: 450px;">


Problem 2) When using the Viper remote, the car will Lock & factory alarm is armed, but on Unlock it will unlock and NOT disarm the factory alarm. Opening the door sets off the factory alarm...

I have hard-wired both of the following wires to the Viper unlock wire:
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Also, for CAN wires, I'm using Yellow & Black as per this post: http://fortin.ca/en/qa/3393/can-bus-is-not-working-on-bmw-5-e60-2006
I was not able to find the Green & Orange/Green in the DKP nor the BCM as per instructions.

asked Apr 18, 2016 in BMW by Hamid Afridi (160 points)

1 Answer

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Solution 1)

Test and do not assume the wires. Here is the general theory behind which wires you need at the brake switch

  1. One of the Brown wires is GROUND. NOT USED.
  2. 2 wires test as Brake detection  (ignition needs to be ON when testing)
    • The one that tests 12V is GOOD
    • Do not take the one that tests about 9V
  3. Left over wire is the 2nd signal you need!  (will give 12V when key is in key slot)

Solution 2)

You might to enable the Double Pulse unlock option in the Viper system.


answered Apr 18, 2016 by Robb (231,050 points)

Thank you for the promt support.

Let me know if I have the order correct:

  1. 2 wires test as Brake detection  (ignition needs to be ON when testing)
    • The one that tests 12V is GOOD

So corresponding to the INT-BMW2 brake diagram, this wire will go with the Brake 1 & Brake 2 connections.


  1. Left over wire is the 2nd signal you need!  (will give 12V when key is in key slot)

And this one will go with the Brake 3 & Brake 4 

I will try the double-pulse unlock.


Brake1-2 would be the actual brake signal.

Brake 3-4 will be the other signal.  (ignition/key in slot)


Doulbe pulse should solve the no disarm issue.

Okay, so double pulse unlock did not solve the issue. The doors unlock but the alarm remains armed. Is there anything else I can try? I tried reprogramming the EVO-ALL, didn't solve the problem.

Also, I have tested and connected the appropriate brake wires, but the remote start won't work. Here's what happens:
  • Press remote start button. Ignition & brake lights come on.
  • As soon as it's about to crank (starter solenoid engages), the brake lights shut off and the engine does not begin cranking.

FYI, I programmed the tach signal to the Viper.



I spoke with tech support and determined the Black & Yellow CAN wires I used were not the correct ones, the correct pair should test 2.5V on each wire (wish I had this info beforehand).


I have found the twisted pair that tests 2.5V each (Green & Blue/Green in DKP), but when I connect them to the EVO-ALL, it will not program.
In Guide #3320 step 3, the solid blue light turns off when I turn the ignition on. Blue light comes on again when the ignition is shut off. I have tried swapping the two wires but it didn't have any effect.


I am stumped, because I was able to program it successfully on the wrong (Black & Yellow) CAN wires, and I haven't changed any other connections besides the CAN wires.


Is there a limit to how many times the EVO-ALL can be reprogrammed or reset?

there are no limits in this particular install on how many times you can program the evo to the vehicle.

If you are having issues with can programming, I would first try resetting the evo unit since it had been programmed to the wrong cans already.

Follow this procedure: http://wirecolor.com/en/qa/50193/faq-how-do-i-reset-my-evo-all?show=50193#q50193


Then try to reprogam by releasing on blue, turn on ignition (blue led shoud shut off) then it should flash after a couple of seconds.

If it does not flash, try swapping the the wires around for can-H and can-L and try to program again.

Thank you,

I have tried resetting it as per the instructions in the FAQ link.


I have also tried swapping the two CAN wires and still no luck. Here's what happens during the programming sequence:

  • Hold programming button, insert 4-pin power connector, release button on solid blue. Plug in remaining connectors.
  • Insert key/ignition on, blue light turns off and nothing happens (I even left it for a few minutes). Ignition off / remove key, blue light comes on again.


I checked the voltage on the CAN wires again, still 2.5V on each when key is in the ignition...


Is there anything else I can try? I tried dsconnecting the INT-BMW2, that doesn't help with programming either...

Can wires should be Green and Orange/Green (may look like Brown/Green) twisted pair of wires.

These are the K-Can wires if you have access to the vehicle's wiring diagram

These wires can be found either at the driver's kickpanel OR at the BCM, passenger side behind glovebox, behind the radio, footwell module, dirver's seat module to name a few locations.

Thank you,

I can confirm that on a 2006 525xi the K CAN wires are Black (high), and Yellow (low). I checked with a vehicle wiring diagram...

I'm connected to the Black & Yellow pair at the Car Access System below driver's dash. I saw the same color pair in the BCM left-most plug also.

EVO-ALL is programmed again, but with the same problem of no disarm on unlock.
I've updated the EVO-ALL to the current recommended firmware too.

finally, we've worked with remote start or not?


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