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Evo one 3xlock remote start not working, used guide #16811

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I followed guide #16811. Bypass set up was done according to the guide but 3x lock is not starting the vehicle when pressed. The blue led light does flash when lock and unlock is pressed. Is there something that i missed with the remote start options?
asked Apr 14, 2016 in Mitsubishi by Moike (220 points)

1 Answer

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You have too many options turned ON that does not need to be activated.

Proceed only if you own a Flashlink Updater-2

There are 2 parts to the Evo-one to reset, the remote starter side, and the bypass side


For the remote starter, get into programming mode using the valet switch, (as described in guide) then select mode 23, push the brake pedal, then push and hold the valet switch. Parking lights will flash to confirm, Turn off vehicle.

For the bypass side, push and hold the programming button before plugging in the main power, release on red, then push and hold the button again until all 3 leds flash in a sequence.

Once both steps have been done, please set the following options ONLY using the Flashlink Updater-2:

Remote starter side: Function 31 to mode 4 and Function 38 to mode 2

Bypass side, A1 to A11 should be ON, and C1 and D6 need to be ON and possibly D2 if your vehicle has an OEM alarm system.


And that's it, please reprogram bypass side to the vehicle as shown in the guide on page 3.

Then test 3x lock start.

If above steps do not fix issue, try flashing remote starter side to firmware 1.18 in connection mode:remote starter.

And retest.


Thank you
answered Apr 15, 2016 by Rico (54,260 points)
I figured out why nothing was working. It was the red 6 pin bypass relay. I did not connect it to the module and left it in the box, i thought i didn't need it.

So i followed the instructions above and everything is working now as it should. Except now i'm getting a warning "electrical system service required" when remote starting. I checked all wiring and they all look good except for the hot white parking light wire that has the two 6 amps diodes. . Could that be the problem?

I'll try to disconnect that tomorrow and try it again. Any suggestions on which or why I'm getting this warning would be really helpful. :)

I appreciate the help, Thanks Moike