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mazda cx-5 doesnt remote start

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installed an evo-one in a cx-5 everything went good done the programmation 1-12 went good done it a second time and i only get a yellow light not the usual red and blue .tried to progarm the blue led  and it start to alternate red-yellow-blue then blinks blue like when you program with one key fob.tried to remote start without success park light lights up when trying to start and then turn off and doesnt blink only thing that blinks is the blue led on the rf antenna as it blinks 4 times
asked Mar 30, 2016 in Mazda by Jerry martin (780 points)

1 Answer

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If it did not program correctly then it will not remote start.

You should not have jumped ahead in the programming as the steps are laid out in a sequence for a reason.

Re-send the DCryptor data and try doing steps 1-12 again. tell me what the led's do when you get to step 12.


answered Mar 30, 2016 by derek ! (284,720 points)
the leds always do the same thing

Please do a master reset, go back to the computer, re-do dcryptor, take batteries out of both OEM keyfobs and redo steps 1-12, there are only 2 led flashing possibilities that you should look for when the vehicle's igntion comes on by itself.

1. Red and Blue Flash 4 times, all is good, proceed with can bus programming.

2. ONLY Red flashes, means vehicle has already learned this particular module, master reset, resend key data, then back to vehicle, ONLY program can bus (release on blue.)

Programming the cans without the vehicle learning the key codes using the the 2 key programming forces the unit into the 1 key programming mode, which is why you are getting the red yellow blue flashes.

It's all about the timing when doing steps 1-12.

Thank you